Posted by: Richard Chennault | April 26, 2009

Gardening by Richard

I hate the great outdoors; at least the part of it where I have to make it ‘great’. Regina has a backyard garden which she has planted fruit trees, flowers and other shrubbery. Over the last few years it really has gone to the weeds with the trees being the only recognizable thing in it. Even the trees have revolted by sprouting the horried peach leaf curl. Many execuses why the garden looks the way it did but mostly due to the fact I’m no good a manual labor. Ask any of my friends, colleagues or even a stranger and they’ll say yep, “That Richard sure ain’t no good a hard work!” So when it comes time to pull weeds, plant and clean up I whine like my children. However Regina was keen to get this done so I bit the bullet and tackled the eye soar with a vengence. After three hours of pulling, tossing, scraping and cleaning I finally managed to have a bare surfaces with only flowers, trees and some poor looking shrubbery. Hey, I was only supposed to clear it out not make it look fancy. I dumped some nitrogen and some other chemicals I’m sure the state of California would find to be hazardous and mark the entire site a super fund clean up but I had to in order to help the fruit tree survive the ravages of fungisits. After all this work I now have a garden that is ready for planting. Great, more work but it makes the wife happy. A happy wife is a good thing.


  1. Great job well done! We’re proud of you!

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