Posted by: Richard Chennault | December 29, 2008

Daily Blog: Monday Dec 29

My tire air pressure gauge on my Prius has been on for two weeks now.  There is a air pump at a gas station right on the way to work.  I avoid it like the plague.   Why?  I mean really it will only take five minutes but yet I still don’t go.  Why this procrastination to something so simple?

I also have some old computer parts I need to dump at the recycle center which is again right on the way to work.  I’ve been meaning to do that for two months yet still no dice.

I need to fix the water spout/spigot on the bathtub in the spare hall way bathroom.  That still is not done.

Instead I’m writing a blog entry about the things I’ve not done.   Bummer, boring and depressing.   Why not write about something I did do?

I moved the XBOX360 from downstairs to my upstairs bedroom.  I’m hoping this may actually lead to more gaming.   What it has led to is reliable Netflix streaming of movies.   I’ve played two games in the week that I’ve had it in the room.  I tried out Portal and I actually kind of liked it.  Now I just have to convince myself to plop down the cash to buy the full version.   I’ve also learned that I need a larger monitor in my bedroom if I wish to play some of the more detail oriented games on the XBOX360.   Good luck in getting that past the wife.  I already suggested I could use the LCD in the bedroom to replace our aged LCD monitor for the computer (it was made in 2001).  No dice.  She said it was to big. It is a 26 inch wide screen.  That is not to big for a computer monitor is it?

I’m writing a daily blog entry for the time being to get back into the habit of writing.

Three fasted ways of communication; telephone, telegraph and telewoman.  That joke needs updating for the information age.

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