Posted by: Richard Chennault | December 28, 2008

Daily Blog Sunday Dec 28, 2008

Today’s activities are:
1. Enjoy a good Dim Sum lunch at Golden Island in Milpitas.
2. Stop by Costco to pick up some vitamins.
3. Stop by ToysRus for some buy one get on free action on Leapster cartridges.
4. Stop by the Nishihiras for some free cookies.
5. Sort out the donation pile for the Good Will.
6. Complete the journal entry with something meaningful about the day.

Regina is really into making garlic toast lately. She puts asiago cheese on the bread and bakes it up. It is really tasty and yet it does not really go with coffee but I’m willing to sacrifice. 😉

The boys played basketball outside today as we purchased them two new balls at Target. Their old balls had gone flat. They took some time to get out the sidewalk chalk and make a huge mess.

In the news today the SF Chronicle is reporting the interest rate for 30 year mortgages are at record lows. My 4.5% ARM is set to expire in April. Looks like it is time to convert to a 15 or 30 fixed. These rates are awesome and should be no problem to obtain with my good credit score and existing equity in the house.


Aftermath sounds like something you do after you take a math test.  Anyway we didn’t make it to Coscto.  The dim sum was ok.  I think Golden Island in Milpitas is not as good as it used to be.  We spent way to much time and money in ToysRus but I think it was worth it.  Good Will pile is still a pile.

Ate left overs for dinner.  I’m not very hungary lately for dinner.  Wonder why that is?  I guess maybe I’m getting old and need to start eating my dinner at 4:00 PM 😉

I have nothing meaninful to comment for the day.  All in all it was an ok day.  Having three children is a chore for me and they routinely test my patience. Fortunately my eldest has a way of making the sun shine straight into my heart.  He is so caring.  I just wish he would pay attention to what he was doing…

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