Posted by: Richard Chennault | October 23, 2008

Health 2.0: Microsoft HealthVault and a health care company

Microsoft HealthVault and another company jointly demonstrated their collaboration of exchanging a health summary from the health care company to Microsoft HealthVault. The solution requires patients create accounts at the health companies website  and MS HealthVault. Once logged into the health companies site a link enabling the exchange of health information from electronic medical record . This is exposed via a a HL7 XML data message to Microsoft HealthVault.

The company portion of the demo was Microsoft PowerPoint based and went smoothly. Except for a small glitch that when the a link was clicked on the presentation it was supposed to bring up a web browser. It failed and the VP of health care company stated, “Is this because Firefox is also running on this demo <sic> laptop. Why the hatn’ on Firefox?

Microsoft attempted to demonstrate a live connnection. The Microsoft representative could not remember his password and thus no demo was delivered. The moderator feeling sorry for poor Microsoft extended the time for the Microsoft portion of the demonstration after the other presenters finished. However by the time the poor old Microsoft VP (I say old because he stated, “The problem with getting old is you need bi-focauls) the internet link went dead.

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