Posted by: Richard Chennault | October 23, 2008

Health 2.0: Aetna

The CEO of Aetna presented which gave some gravitas to the presentation. However he started off by bragging about how big they are. 3200 employees in information technology, fifth largest data warehouse and third largest health plan.

When you sign in you can go to your PHR by member. Funny guy the president of Aetna presenting. Unlike the rest. But that is an apple to oranges comparison. He was able to log in and people clapped. He is making the MS guy look a fool.

The PHR takes all the data gathered for the member and including lab results, family history, allergies and creates all kinds of demo graphic inform, blood type, height and weight, and all their dr and health team and their kinds of coverage. They can share the PHR online and print it and take it with them. They have ten different health trackers. Looking to link into biological medical devices to track directly.

They have a rules engine that message member and clinician depending on condition. It informs both member and clinician. They put out a one million message alerts every three months. They plan to launch a smart source health line that can navigate around their systems so they can see more information. They have six million online and will be upto seven million by the end of year.

Their system dwarfs the other online user base and capability set.


  1. I was at Health 2.0 Wednesday and decided not to go back today. Completely agree with your thoughts. Last year, I was so impressed with just about everything I saw and heard (call me naive). Yesterday, after the morning session I was sitting there thinking — “oh no, this is like a regular conference (snore)”. I was unimpressed with the panel of heavy hitters who spent most of their time puffing up their chests. If they want to compete, go run a marathon. Also,if these guys need to bring up a web guy/gal to do the grunt work on the laptop, and they still can’t connect — what is a poor consumer have in store for them? Makes me shudder. Don’t get me started on MS’s inability to do anything online. As a KP employee I was embarassed and I sure wouldn’t volunteer for a pilot about my health info moving from KP to their vault. Hope today was better.

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