Posted by: Richard Chennault | July 22, 2008

New from Virtualization

Over the years I’ve managed my own home web server in various forms.  My first web server started on a RedHat distribution back in 2001 and then morphed to IIS running Sharpoint.  Now it is finally back to Ubuntu.  All of this running on old antiquated systems (even in 2001).   However the times are a changing and virtualization is the new buzzword so I decided to retire my old system and re-launch my blog on my Dell XPS 420 machine.  The machine runs Vista Home Premium (I’m addicted to MCE) with VirtualBox running Ubuntu Desktop with LAMP and WordPress serving up my blog.

So far so good.  We will see how long it takes me to think this was a really bad idea.  However on the bright side when I turn off my old machine I should save on electricity and that is a good thing.

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