Posted by: Richard Chennault | July 15, 2008

TV ain't what it used to be…

I was having a random conversation today where one conversationalist complained that TV today lacked the family wholesomeness of yore.  I thought about it for all of two seconds and quickly disagreed.  Lets take a closer look at some of those old shows.

First up the Partridge Family.   Now who wouldn’t admire the gumption of a family band traveling across country in a bus?  Wait, kids not in school?  No father? Not so wholesome now eh?  In fact lasted I check when you put the words music, bus and band together you get drugs, sex and dysfunction.   -1 for Family programming.

Second on our hit parade is My Three Sons.   A story about a nice guy who raises three sons.   What’s not to like about a caring loving father who takes care of his family?  Wait a minute here, no mother.   Plus the dad seems to be awfully close to the live in uncle Charlie.   That ain’t wholesome according to folks who vote in Kansas.  Another ding for good ol’ fashion TV.

Third and final the perinial favorite Leave it to Beaver.   The title says it all.

Thank you, good night and tip your waitresses.


  1. Son ! Do I detect a “little” west coast cynical ATTITUDE. Not good.

  2. the waitress will go hungry but if your lucky she might be starving and have breakfast at your place. DING.. tip your bartender please!

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