Posted by: Richard Chennault | July 14, 2008

Work smells good but not for long

Thrice in the last two weeks I’ve received an email from a facility in northern California asking employees and visitors to refrain from wearing fragrances, perfumes on campus. Apparently someone in the sprawling facility has severe allergies to perfumes. I didn’t know such a thing could be but alas for some poor soul it does. Now in a small office with say no windows and air condition I can see how this can be a real problem. Hell I’ve been on elevators where the odour was well um odoriferous beyond tolerance.

However the particular campus in question is a sprawling multi-story multi-building site. It has room for a few thousands people so having an entire populace of a small town effectively stop bathing for the delicate sense-abilities of some beleaguered nostril is a bit draconian. I certainly feel for the poor chap who can’t stand the smell of the latest wet dog odour Fantasy by Britney Spears of which some googly-eyed hip chip-pee decided to bathe in. But honestly asking three thousand people to stop wearing perfume, cologne, deodorant and whatnot to mask their natural smell is well Californian in the extreme.


  1. Wow… seriously?!?

    I’ve read this a few times over, and am just speechless.

  2. It is true. I was not only shocked to read it the first time but when I got it two more times over the next couple of weeks I began to think they were serious. I worked there for years before moving on and never before had they issued such an edict.

    Perhaps it is the new no smoking ban they instituted. Perhaps smoke covered the smell of perfume so the allergies were not triggered. I know smoke drives mosquitoes away; perhaps it drives smelly people away too.

  3. I actually was dismissed from work immediately upon arriving one morning and told not to return untill after I had effectively removed “the smell!” The accountant that wrote payroll checks had allergy issues with most any fragerence. However, I am in fear that next will be the type banned scents will be those that we wash our clothes in or maybe the dryer sheets we use. Some where people actually will go to work and do “work” rather than F@#$@#G complain for a living!

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