Posted by: Richard Chennault | June 25, 2008

The way Wii are

I’ve had a storied career, well maybe not storied but an interesting one I should think. Well maybe not interesting but at least I ain’t pick’n cotton. Not there is anything wrong with picking cotton I’m just not doing it. Anyway…

Today was an awesome day at work. I had the chance to do something that I’ve wanted to do for along time. I installed a Wii at work. Yes that is right a Wii. Now before you go all filled with blue-haired righteous old school indignation let me provide a few factoids about the Wii.

  1. Wii is in use by the VA for rehabilitation of injured veterans
  2. Wii is in use by nursing facilities to promote cognitive and physical exercise.
  3. Early research indicates surgeons who ‘practice’ on the Wii have a marked improvement in hand-eye coordination over those who have not.
  4. Wii is in use by physical therapist for rehabilitation.
  5. The Wii is fun!

Ok maybe point five is subjective but the rest are verifiable facts. The Wii has and is delivering real health-care value. I’m very excited to work for an innovative organization that is willing to stretch beyond the traditional bound and experiment with new forms of care delivery. I first saw the potential of merging the gaming experience with healthcare shortly after the origional Xbox launched. I made it a personal crusade over the last four years to promote the use of gaming technology in health-care for member and care provider use. Today was a small step of seeing that vision come to fruition. I eagerly await our next steps.


  1. Hand-eye coordination has certainly been a concern of most any man that HAS to live with the toliet seat up at all times! YAY WII!!!

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