Posted by: Richard Chennault | June 16, 2008

GOTO Facebook

Favourite quote of the day,

“If your program needs goto (especially in C++) the design is screwed.”  –Erunno

Thanks Faceboo for  lowering my respect for your platform.   I’ll be the first to admit I am a bad programmer, so bad I had to become a enterprise architect to avoid programming.  Seriosly though, even I know that goto statements went out with Basic.  I think the last time I wrote a GOTO statement was on a ATARI 400.   Yeah, that was about 1982.

Oh well back to trying to compile Facebook open platform on Ubuntu 8.04

Offending code: fbml.cpp

1230 size_t length = js_len;
1231 jschar *chars = js_InflateString(cx, js, &length);
1232 if (!chars) goto exit;

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