Posted by: Richard Chennault | May 21, 2008

Google Health vs. Microsoft HealthVault

Now that both solutions are available (Google just launched) a quick comparison is in order. This is a first impression entry. As I delve deeper into the systems I’ll post more.

In general Google Health (GH) is what you would expecet from a personal health record (PHR). It is designed for end user to quickly and easily enter or import health data. Google offers connections to companies I’ve heard of (Longs, Walgreens, Cleveland Clinic).

The Microsoft Healthvault solution is a confusing repository and framework for storing and importing data. Microsoft seems to be more focused on niche online health sites like Peaksware, and etc. While I can appreciate tailoring my workout fitness program with music from my iPod I’m not sure what that has to do with my personal health record.

Are they Web 2.0’y? Google does incorporate find a doctor search by mashing in their Google maps and adding that contect to your GH contacts. However it is not obvious how to add the contact and if you are not careful it will throw you off-screen to another window so that you are taken out of health context and smacked onto the bland google map.

Microsoft? Well I don’t think the Microsoft fax machine is working because they’ve obviously not received the Web 2.0 Hype Fax.

One place where Microsoft wins out, and I believe the only place, is the ability to import bio-medical device information. For example if you are a diabetic and have a glucometer that can uplink data to your computer then there is a good chance that the data can be imported using the Microsoft HealthVault ConnectionCenter application. It is a seperate application that only works on a Microsoft OS and the devices it supports are limtied. But at least they have it.

Final score? What I was supposed to keep score? Well… Google 76,230,210. Microsoft 1.2

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