Posted by: Richard Chennault | May 21, 2008

Don't Unbox Amazon

Unbox my Amazon

I have an XBOX360 and Vista Media Center. I’m always looking for a way to watch movies on my XBOX360 extender without the bother of plopping a DVD into the notoriously noisy XBOX360. So when a pal told me (Tom Eppenberger) about Amazon Unbox I was a bit interested. I’m not a big fan of rentals but Amazon prices and the option to buy were compelling reasons for me to give it a go.

Go I did and along with it my computers’ stability. The install was painless and everything ran pretty smooth. I downloaded some free content and fired it up on my XBOX360. All good. Went to sleep, went to work, came home thinking time to watch some nightly news. NOT. Computer dead, more life in door nails than my computer. It wasn’t dead so much as Vista decided it had a corrupt registry. Right, now I wonder why that was? I had to get out the Vista install disk, run the auto-fix’r thingy and reboot.

Boots fine, good. Firefox loads, nice. Unbox starts to auto-load at startup. It fails (of course), I close the program. Unbox tries to restart and fails again. I close the failed program (again). Unbox says, gee maybe I’ll fork again and try to start again and again and again… So while Unbox is committing suicide in some masochistic trek to nirvana I’m busy trying to uninstall the damned thing.

I finally get it uninstall, kill all unbox related processes and commit this blog into perpetuity. Nice try Amazon. You almost had me. Next stop Netflix…


  1. Sorry dude. Still works for me on my Vista media center.

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