Posted by: Richard Chennault | May 20, 2008

Feel’n bad? Check into MEDgle

Being sick is a pain.  Whether you are suffering from a broken leg or that rash in that certain place that just keeps itchin; it is all no good.  But what do you do if you are low on cash, agoraphobic and a house bunny?  Well, you go to MEDgle and self-diagnose yourself.  Once you’ve determined you have  contracted dengue fever because you’ve been sleeping with your stuffed animals (um…) then you can look up a doctor who can fix you right up.

But seriosly this is a cool site that helps educate and inform people about their aches and pains.  I like the question and answer branchig logic.  According to the site the conditions are authored by doctors and thus after answering the health questions one can be reasonably assured that cancor sore on the lip is not an indication of a gangreen in the cerebral cortex.

Health data on-line is nothing new but this site help guide the user (intelligently) vs. googling in your symptoms.  Another feature is that is draws together various resources on the internet to help further isolate your condition (Web 2.0 in the wild).  MEDgle will search for pictures, doctors, definitions of your supposed condition.  Nice.  Perhaps they could hook me up with other folks who are suffering from giganticus cerebrum inflatus.


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