Posted by: Richard Chennault | April 24, 2008

Web 2.0 Expo and Health 2.0

There was a breakout session, or un-conference if you are hip to the lingo, at the Web 2.0 Expo. It was a short 40 minutes and the discussion was far ranging. There were not to many so we all had a chance to say, “Hi I am Joe Smith and I work at some other company and I think…” Well you get the picture. So after the posing, posturing and rambling some interesting topics of discussion were thrown into the group. We couldn’t deep dive (thankfully). I did have a chance to network with some folks after the session.

I had to say the dreaded, “The views and opinions expressed by me are not those of my company. They are mine based on observation.” I don’t like saying this because it sort of belittles my experience. Why can’t I say something like, “At my work we do this?” I have eyes and ears. I am self-aware and can express thoughts. Just because my thoughts are not in line with someone else’s does that mean I can’t speak them?

No matter my contributions to the group seemed to be well recieved I hope based on what I said and not on who my current employer may be. I have knowledge of healthcare and technology. I had it before I worked for my current employer and I will have it after. Whatever.

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