Posted by: Richard Chennault | April 22, 2008

Live from the Web 2.0 Expo and Conference: Intro to Blogs …

I’m sitting in the session Intro to Blogs & social Media Marketing 101. I decided to sit in this session because while I consider myself a subject matter expert in social media I’ve never attended a conference or class about social media. All my expertise comes through practical experience and research.

The session is well…basic. Perhaps it will get better as the session continues. Important point from first topic is to use feedburner.

Update 1: 1st Q&A session had soft ball questions. I asked the experts what their advice was about social media in the heavily regulated corporation. Answer? Social software in the regulated corporation is and I quote, “antithetical…You don’t want that stuff getting out”.

Update 2: Ebay speakers points I noted

1. Focus your blog on an interesting topic. Right. Anyone really care about communication philosophy intersection with social media?
2. Create a stop list. Stop doing the things that are not helping you. Example adding social book marking buttons when you audience doesn’t use them.
3. Participate on other blogs.
4. Meet people off-line. Build relationships the old fashion [pun] way.
5. Make content easy to share (i.e. RSS) Use full text for your feeds.
6. Create a community (ala web-rings?).

1. I get to validate my understanding with industry ‘experts’.
2. One of the speakers is from Ebay
3. Ebay speaker is more exciting than the dudes on the panel.
4. Presentation are available online (somewhere) according to the speakers.

1. No wifi? What NO wifi?
2. No electronic copy of presentation.
3. Who would want the presentation it is just black text on a white background.
4. The ebay speaker did not speak during first half.
5. Don’t sit by the door and do live blogging.

Questions I asked:

Q: Should heavily regulated corporation blog?
A: No. It is antithetical. You don’t want that stuff getting out.

Q: Should you have leader blogs?
A: Depends. Does your CEO have something interesting to say? It should not be a press release blog. Plus you have to get it through legal.

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