Posted by: Richard Chennault | April 9, 2008

The Positronic Brain

This is an idea of short story because I have been reading a lot of Asimov’s work.  I stopped writing after the first paragraph.  I found I did not have a unique story to tell that was not already written  by Asimov.  There was nothing in the story for me to explore emotionally or technologically.  Maybe I’ll take up the draft later….

The positronic brain is the holy grail of science fiction.  Indeed Roger and the other scientist at Robotics U.S.A had pretty much read every tail of positronic fiction there was to read.   Roger as the lead scientist believed that from fiction came inspiration and thus true innovation was born.   However nothing in fiction described what actually made up a positronic brain. Roger was going to change that.  For the last ten years he and his team had been working on a mobile silicon production unit.  The goal was to have a robot that housed a micro production unit that could create, write and reassemble silicon based on external feedback.  Roger called it Sliconosis.

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