Posted by: Richard Chennault | March 24, 2008

Don’t speak your mind

I’ve often written about the inappropriateness of blogging about work.  It is just is not wise for one’s long term career goals.  All that being said I still am want to say something.   Well today I did, sort of, say something.   I was in a meeting discussing social media and I was asked if a certain technology would be assumed.

I stated, “Well since I’m no longer part of a certain organization I can be more free in my statements as my opinion represent no one but my own.”   Before I could continue a voice from the analog ether reached out slapped me saying, “That would be innapropriate.”   Now the voice belonged to someone who could make life more interesting for me and thus I slightly altered what I was going to say and reverted back to a safe zone of speech that is so common place in corporate America.   Safe, boring and full of the same old nothing speak…

Oh well.   I should know better.

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