Posted by: Richard Chennault | December 8, 2007

Stomach Flu day 6

What do two boys, one man and one woman have in common? We all have had the stomach flu for the last six days. Ethan started us all off on Sunday. He passed it to me on Wednesday. I gave it to Regina on Thursday and she graciously gave it to Alexander on Friday.

For me it was the normal 24-26 hours of puke, diarrhea , puke and puke. Poor Ethan had the combo and his lasted upto Friday (cross fingers). Regina had the mildest case (no puking) and Alexander has had both symptoms.

*** UPDATE ***

Sunday December 9th: Ethan is fully recovered.  He is regular and ready to go back to eating like a normal toddler.  Now we just need to get Alexander back to normal.

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