Posted by: Richard Chennault | June 7, 2007

X-Gen Office : Meet our new CEO, Urg.

Bobble head: “Urg is credited as being an innovator and leader. He is known for his vision and leadership. Urg has taken a small and little known group to the forefront of modern society.  His ability to articulate and lead is unparalleled and it is with great appreciation that Urg has decided to join our company as the new CEO.  Words are not enough to describe all of Urgs accomplishments and with no further ado may I present to you the new CEO, Urg!”

Urg: “Crklcrkl!”, slashing motion, “Grrlll!”

Me: “Um dude, he is cave man”

Bobble head: “Urg is a visionary.”

Me: “He is not making any scenes. What the hell does Crklckrl mean?”

Bobble head: “I think it means fire.”

Me: “Where did you find this guy?”

Bobble head: “In a cave. He really is a visionary. He is able to describe complex things with simple words punctuated with meaningful gestures. It is like watching art in motion.”

Me: “You are telling me our new CEO is a caveman?”

Bobble head: “Natural born leader!”

Me: “If by ‘Natural born’ you mean he was born in a cave I guess you are right.”

Bobble head: “Look, he is our new CEO. You are either a part of the team or not. He’s the CEO. You must believe that what he says will become reality.”

Me: “He f’n said Grrlll! That doesn’t mean anything. It is nonsense! It is just random gibberish.  Why should we follow him”

Bobble head: “He is our new CEO. That is why.  He has experience.”

Me: “Experience in what? Cave dwelling? Fire making?”

Bobble head: “New CEO. Trust. Do or the Grrlll will get you!”

Me: “What is Grrlll?”

Bobble head: “Watch and learn”

Urg: “Grrllll”

Me: “He is crawling around roaring like a tiger”

Bobble head: “Exactly! Now watch how he defeats the tiger!”

Me: “He just stood up and said Crklcrkl, wait now he is lying back and sounding like a tiger dying.”

Bobble head: “You understand! That is our new vision!”

Me: “Are you feeling o.k.?”

Bobble head:”We must defeat our competitors by killing them with Crkcrckle!”

Me: “No wait. I’m not feeling well.”

Urg: “Araghghhaa”

Bobble head: “Thank you Urg! And thank you all for coming and give a round of welcoming applause to Urg our great new leader!”



  1. And the Caveman brought in a team of Cavemen with the immediate re-org…

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