Posted by: Richard Chennault | March 24, 2007

Burnout Revenge: Reality Style

burnout_revenge_2pe.jpgDamn it!  I got hit yesterday.  I was coming home after a long week and I was looking forward to a nice weekend.   It was 5:00 and traffic was moving quite nicely for once.  I was coming up on the 238/580 split and traffic was starting to slow down.    As I reached the BART plaftorm next to the highway I was hit from behind. 

I saw it coming.  I knew it as well.   I’m always checking my rearview mirror when traffic starts to slow rapidly because I’ve this fear some idiot is going to rear end me because they are two close.   

This time was a bit different.  The car hit me was nearly a 1/4 mile behind me  BUT she going about 70 miles an hour.  I knew she wasn’t going to be able to stop in time.   And she didn’t.  Wham!   She hit my rear and buckled the right quarter panel above the wheel as well as knocked the crap out of my bumper.

Now I’ve got a stiff neck.  A smashed car and a $1000.00 deductible.  Crap, @##$,@#$%@#$%.   I called my insurance company and the works in the motion.  The fracked part is that I’ve got to pay the deductible then I get reimburssed from her insurance company after the paperwork is submitted.   F@!#$!#.    

The girl was a 17 teenager.  Probably talking on the phone with her boyfriend while driving her daddies sports car and chit chatting with her teeny bopper girl friend who was sitting next to her.   Her car is pretty much done.  The front left was crumpled and the hood was all bent.  

A pretty f’d up way to start the weekend.


  1. Man that sucks!! Hope you are alright. At least you didn’t have the boys with you.

  2. “The girl was a 17 teenager. Probably talking on the phone with her boyfriend while driving her daddies sports car and chit chatting…” go figure! Good that you are okay…

  3. Oh, NO, my baby boy was hit ! That makes Mother really mad, a mom does NOT like for her babies to hurt. When I received this news I was shocked as Richard has been such a wonderful and very observant driver and managed to live in California 15 years and no accidents !… He told me it was a teenage girl, go figure !… I informed him that maybe California should look at some MIDWEST laws, as in Oklahoma, really tuff on teens, really really tuff. Main and most important is that Richard was not seriously hurt but the VW was..and I really enjoyed driving it when visiting…I hope for there to NOT be any serious underlying health issues, they always show up days later. Rest up son…

  4. Sorry to hear from Gina about your accident and glad that, except for stiff neck and muscle aches, you’re o.k., but still, please follow up with the necessary check-ups on your neck, shoulder, spine and head!

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