Posted by: Richard Chennault | March 11, 2007

No Wax Ear

Ear WaxToday sucked! I’m sick, Regina is sick, Alex is sick and Ethan is sick and this is the first day it hit above 75 in San Leandro! Regina and the kids have been battling the cold for almost a week.
I think Alexander caught it at school and brought it home as a present for all of us. Regina was already feeling down because of the stress of the last two weeks and she picked up the cold in no time.
Ethan and I held out the longest. Ethan went down for the count on Saturday morning and I followed suit Saturday evening. I slept horrible with a stuffy nose and ears. Turns out I built up so much ear wax in the night it blocked my ear canal and started hurting. Regina convinced me to go to the doctor and get it checked out. I did and they flushed my ear with what I think was water and hydrogen peroxide. That did the trick and all kinds of crap spewed out of my ear and into the little bucket they made me hold while they were squirting the fire hose in my ear. There was a lot of stuff that came out and it was nasty looking. But my ear felt a lot better. Thank you health care for being open on a Sunday afternoon when all the rest of the world is playing outside.

Too bad we all still have the cold however; Alexander seems to be over the worst of it and he is starting cheer up. Hopefully we’ll be better by next weekend.


  1. Sorry to hear all of you folks got sick, wishing you all speediest recovery and take care!

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