Posted by: Richard Chennault | February 15, 2007

X-Gen Office: Process’n Blues

Management: “I just returned from the offsite…”

Me: “Oh. You were gone?”

Management: “…We’ve decided to replace our old process with a new process…”

Me: “We had a process?”

Management: ”…The new process is C&M. Here is an example, learn it!”

Me: “This is Fig-Newton wrapper with a circle and three lines drawn across it”

Management: ”Training will be offered soon. In the meantime implement this new process in all of your work.”

Me: ”You gave me a FIG-NEWTON WRAPPER you moron!”

Management: ”Thanks. I’m off next week to a trade show to learn about technology to help us implement our new process.”

Me: “Wait! At least tell me what C&M stands for?”

Management: ”Capricious & Arbitrary. Bye!”

Me: “But Arbitrary starts with an A!”

Management: “That’s right. It wouldn’t be arbitrary if it started with an A. Must I teach you everything! Now get back to work. I’ve got to go have a three hour lunch meeting with a vendor.”

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