Posted by: Richard Chennault | February 1, 2007

Chennault Forums

I’ve added a forums section for the blog. A lot of folks find this site based upon search engine results for Chennault, Clair Lee and William. I wrote a blog entry once called the Lost Chennault’s which turned out be quite popular with several comments. Based on the discussion and nature of the comments I’ve opened the forum section for general discussion of all things Chennault I’ve also added one for Khern (my wifes maiden name), politics and healthcare. Please feel free to join the discussions.

Original Post: The Lost Chennault’s
Forum Address: Chennault Forums


  1. I’m not a Chennault and have not read many of the messages in this forum. However, in the late 50s, I was stationed with a Major Claire Pat Chennault [Jr.?] at Seymour Johnson AFB, Goldsboro, NC. We were flying the F-100 at the time. I flew Pat to Farmingdale, NY one time to pick up an F-105 we were getting. I believe Pat may have delivered the first F-105B to the AF. He was a really nice guy with a bad limp. Les Frazier

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