Posted by: Richard Chennault | January 11, 2007

Where did the Blog'n go

I’ve been meaning to blog.  Really I have.  There are so many things I’ve read and want to ruminate on.  But I just can’t seem to get sat in front of the computer and start writing.  All these ideas and sentiments are piling up in my noggin waiting to be let out.

I think my biggest blogging block is my XBOX360.   So cool, so sweet and oh so tempting to sit in front of my HD TV and watch TV and play (and loose) Madden 07 with my friends.

But here is to trying.  Perhaps this short entry will break the bloggin jam and I’ll be back to boring my poor readers with more political healthcare claptrap.   Like asking the question of the legitimacy of health care corporatations donating money to sponsor the California Governors ball…  I mean really how does that improve the health of Californians?


  1. See, all new toys require one’s attention for a time then it is time to return to your ability to entertain others with your blog’n. Please don’t miss the opportunity to comment on sentiments, visits, Christmas and the boys, cakes, diets, weather, and yes the world of healthcare and the way they manage their “Not for Profit Funds”

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