Posted by: Richard Chennault | December 27, 2006

A visit to the doctor and domestic affairs

The boys, Regina and I were all set for a day out. Our errands before us we piled into the mini-van and set off on our adventure. The day was blustery and overcast but our moods were light and jolly.

Our first stop was Sakura in Oakland to pick up some replacement parts for our oven range hood. The second stop, which proved to be our undoing, was to see the doctor. Regina had one last lab test finish in a series of three (another doctor bad). We arrived in Union City a little after 11:30 expecting a short trip into the lab and then onto our final destination.

I had brought a book and the boys were happy playing with toy cars and watching Thomas. Time slipped passed before I noticed 30 minutes had passed and still no Regina. My patience, buoyed by my book, lasted a few more minutes until the clocked ticked 12:35. Now my patience was at its end and my bladder had decided it was time to evacuate the area.

I redoubled my efforts on my book knowing that Regina was stuck in the lab wait time from hell. I knew it was not her fault but my bladder and selfish conscience sought a shorter end to the predicament than what the lab was offering.

Finally, not able to sit any longer for Regina, I began to package up the boys for a quick trip into and give them their just rewards for making me, Regina and the boys wait so long.

Of course just as I was about to place Ethan in the stroller Regina walked out of the clinic and headed our way. I stuffed Ethan back in the mini-van, grabbed Alexander and curtly told Regina we were going to the bathroom.

On the way to and fro I had opportunity to understand that our day was ruined. It was now 1:15 and I knew an argument was brewing between Regina and I. The adult in me said to let it pass. I knew Regina would be as equally frustrated with the situation as I. I knew the wait time was to blame more so than anyone else. I knew that to give into passion of anger would result in nothing good.

What I know sometimes hardly matters as the boiling of our collective anger was seething to be released. Regina was frustrated and angry. I was frustrated and angry. Both of us had need to yell and the faceless corporation but there was no where to be found. Thus in a moment of weakness we fell into arguing with each other.

Even as I mouthed the words I knew it was wrong. As I let slip the sound from my lips I felt regret. My passion had won and I lay ruin to what little hope of a joyful day we were to have.  The clinic started the mess of the day. I lay waste to the rest.

Regina played her part in this tragic drama. Her passion equally erupted and both of us suffered from the mutual barbs launched at one another. So here I sit alone, despondent and regretful. Sorry Regina. And to the doctors office I have another topic for my blog; Socially equitable clinical hours.

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