Posted by: Richard Chennault | November 30, 2006

Being a Dad and not quite a Mom

Regina left this week to take care of her Dad who suffered a heart attack. She, along with her sisters and brothers, are ministering her father back to health. While she will only be gone a short week it seems like an eternity for me and the boys. All of us have become use to her maternal care being around to kiss our wounds, pat our heads when we’ve done well and embrace us with gentle hugs.

Now it is up to me to play the part of a spectacular woman who administrates this household with fine precision yet still finds the time to make this home a happy place full of laughter and joy. It has been only a few scant days since she left but I can see things fraying at the edges. The boys are not so quick to smile, toys are not quite all picked up and there is an odd smell emanating from the kitchen.

But we persevere and let the little things slide and keep our selves focused on the big things like baths, food, play and sleep. I know I’m not a perfect Dad and I’m certainly a very poor substitute for a mom. So the boys and I will try out best to stay well while the center of our lives is away.

Regina we all love you and miss you so very dearly. Take care of your father and then rush back home to your boys…

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