Posted by: Richard Chennault | October 18, 2006

Top 10 signs your company is no longer in the fortune 100

10.  Your CEO thinks Kenneth Leigh got a bum rap

09.  Your CFO thinks back dating is taking a rain check on a romantic date.

08.  Your CIO came from a company with a dot in its name. 

07.  Your VP of HR identifes with Catbert.

06.  Your VP of Sales just checked himself into Alcholol rehab.

05.  You wish you had as good accounting princples as Enron and MCI.

04.  Your Chariman just booked a flight to Washington D.C.

03.  Your CTO selects the bathroom paper vendor as the photocopy paper supplier.

02.  You regret you didn’t sell your stock at $1.24

01.  Bob Woodward is interviewing your president.

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