Posted by: Richard Chennault | October 2, 2006

Birthday Wish

I’ve thought and thought and thought about what
I want for my birthday.  My wants are few and my needs are fewer.  I thought I might want an XBOX 360 but the price ain’t worth the money.   I’ve got pretty much all I want but one of the things I have is about to be no longer.  One of my favorite possessions is my blue Netscape T-Shirt I purchased in 2000.  It is now full of holes and more a rag than a shirt. But is oh so comfortable and I’ll miss it terribly because of what it represents.  

So what I want for my birthday is a non-white T-Shirt with the old’ school Netscape logo.  The square one.  Good luck….  I already tried Ebay.


  1. I’ll see what I can do with the shirt… btw, tart tatin(french apple pie) is a promise as you wish! 😉

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