Posted by: Richard Chennault | August 28, 2006


I hate Comcast.  I hate comcast.  I hate Comcast.  Two days my connection has been down.  Two days I’ve been frustrated, angry and upset with Comcast internet service.  My Linksys cable model refused to synchronize for more than just a few minutes.  I did every trick in my technical book to get the thing stable but to no avail.  I’ve complained repeatedly to Comcraptastic support about the quality of my signal and that my connection was down at least 30% of the time.   The only way they would send anyone out to investigate is if they could charge me $39.99 service fee which would be credited to my account if the trouble was on their end.  Well the problem with the outages (at least up until today) was that it would auto-resolve after a few hours of down time.  My fear was that when they came out it would work.  Then they’d charge me for just showing up.

I was stuck because I liked the speeds and had garnered a good price for a year. Plus I had just switched from DSL not a short four months ago.   I thought I could live with the occasional down time as it became more frequent and the duration of outage  were becoming longer my patience has grown thin.

I’ve had enough.  I’ve ordered DSL from my previous provider DSL Extreme.  I’m dumping Comcraptic for good.  I can get the same speeds at a cheaper price with DSL Extreme.  I’m also dumping Comcraptic cable TV service.  They can say goodbye to my $90.00.  I was able to negotiate a sweet deal with DirectTV and get high definition.  But that is another post.

God I hate Comcast.

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