Posted by: Richard Chennault | July 11, 2006

Sony: What the hell?

I admit it.  I am a Sony bigot.  I like the brand; crave their products and want more of their stuff.   My list of Sony products range from tape players to Tivo’s and everything in between.  I even have a Sony PSP.   But recently Sony release a new marketing blitz on the Sony PSP and to be quite honest it is downright stupid.  And not stupid in the geeky since of the word.  It is stupid in the sheer idoitcy that is reserved for corporatge markeing whoremongers who crave attention like a psychotic narscisitic politicition.  

So I am officially protesting my condennation of the Sony advertisement and ask all my friend to boycott future Sony purchases until those idiots pull the add.   You may read more about this disturbing advertisement here:

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