Posted by: Richard Chennault | June 8, 2006

Counting on Regina

Regina is a blessing in so many ways. Indeed I couldn’t count the number of ways that she is blessing to me and the boys. But one thing I can count is her teaching the boys. Every night before bed Alexander has a short school session. He and Regina go into his bedroom and begin ‘school’. He sits on his little chair and she next to him on the floor. They then begin to learn all kinds of things. Mostly the lessons are in Chinese as her and I both feel it is important for him to be bilingual. Today she introduced flash cards with numbers. She made them herself on little index cards. She hand stamped a stars on the card according to the number written on the top of the card. Alexander then counts the stars until he reaches the end of the stars. Then Regina points back to the number at the top and repeats the number that Alexander just finished counting to. I don’t even know half of all the things the Regina does for her boys. But I do know that she is a very special mom and a dear wife and without her the boys and I would be lost.


  1. How nice of you to recognize the work that Regina does. She is a very good mother from what I see and she is doing a great job with the boys.

  2. We’re proud of her as a “supermom” and of you as a “superdad” and the adorable boys in your treasure!

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