Posted by: Richard Chennault | December 25, 2005

La Bella Italia : San Leandro, CA

If you are hungry for some food you are better off dumpster diving in the trash next to a Korean Buffet and Pet Hospital. It was Christmas and for whatever gawd awful reason we decided to have a Christmas brunch. We didn’t want to drive far and it being the holidays the choices were few. I thought an Italian brunch buffet would be interesting. Oh was I so wrong. Everything tasted of oil, fat and butter. It was all I could do keep the rancid food down. Fortunately it was a Champagne brunch and that was the one thing that didn’t reek of lard.

Don’t go here… eat the toe jam on a ganggreen pox infected foot of a syphilitic whore but DON’T eat at La Bella Italia Inn in San Leandro.



  1. You know, I could have saved you a trip. Way back when this place was over by your house, it was prety good. Now that they have moved to my house, it sucks.

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