Posted by: Richard Chennault | October 31, 2005

Yahoo in China: Rising tide of anger

Yahoo in China: Rising tide of anger

First let me start by saying this is not to tweak the nose of my good buddy Lance who works at Yahoo. It is however an interesting conundrum for those of us who profess to come from a liberal viewpoint who believe in the freedom of press. I can’t say this is going to break the camels back for me to switch off of Yahoo in totality but it certainly does not help.

The problem I suppose is that what choice is there? Would Google, Microsoft or AOL be any less inclined to surrender the poor dissident to the oppressive communist regime? Perhaps not and therefore a protest march away from Yahoo would serve little in the long run. Perhaps the best possible protest would be to blog it and increase public awareness and therefore potential pressure on Yahoo to think about it’s moral responsibility as well as its bottom line.

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