Posted by: Richard Chennault | August 8, 2005

“Oh Crap!” and other words not to repeat

I was playing / chestbonz-ing my XBOX the other night when I ran into some nasty trouble with the local ruffians in the game. My character died and I had not saved for quite some time. In a fit of rage brought about by to much gaming and not enough sleep I uttered two simple words, “Oh Crap!”

Normally this mild expletive would have garnered not even a raised eyebrow from even your most puritanical church do gooder. However my two and half year old son was sitting on my knee enthralled as I was at the pyro-technique on the screen. I restarted my game and soon enough I was in dire straights jones’en that I had yet not again saved my game in a while. Just as I died and before I had time to utter any type of obscenity at the screen my little boy looked cherubish up at me and said in a loud clarion voice of an angel, “Oh Crap!”

Great, now my son who is supposed to be the embodiment of perfection according to his doting grandparents is now muttering curses like a drunken syphilis infected sailor on his last night out without a dime for book or women.

To save this torrid turn of events I forced death upon my character and shouted the words, “Oh I love you!”. My son taking a cue from me repeated my words. I hope he forgets about “Oh Crap” because if he utters those two fateful words my wife is surely to rant at me and my next words will be, “Oh shit!”


  1. Oh fuck!

  2. Monkey see, monkey do ! Go back to Hey Dude. That sounds much better when crusing thru the grocery store and a little mouth looks around and at the top of his lungs clearly spits out the words that are NOT what you want to hear or anyone else to hear. Hey Dude will work fine 🙂 … Experience speaking, Once Upon A Time Richard chose Lance’s last comment, NOT good. I am currently fond of Alex simply saying Uncle Billya..

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