Posted by: Richard Chennault | July 25, 2005

Corporate – Frell

Some corporations are not for profit organization dedicated to the goal of healthier outcomes for its members. Not surprisingly as one digs deep into the bowels of exactly what that phrase entails a picture of less than healthy outcome begins to emerge.

As I’ve stated in a previous blog it is sometimes difficult to work for companies as a part of the information technology group. I am often best by numerous challenges which have little to do with increasing the odds that a people will get a healthier outcome and more to do with acting the sycophant to some megalomaniac.

Politics are a part of life and trying to escape that reality in hopes of working in a nirvana free of petty personal greed is a pipe dream (crack pipe kind). To be brutally honest I don’t feel ‘safe’ in expressing my opinion on my blog and certainly not at work. I guess these thing may be cyclical as management bobs and weaves their way through their career. Spectators such as myself who want nothing more than to work toward the goal of cheaper and better healthcare for all can only sit back idly and try not to become emotionally invested with management antics.


  1. Yes, well speaking from one who is working in the heart of a health care organization is far more disheartening as the number one concern of the MANAGEMENT is the almighty dollar not the proclaimed care of the health of the community. One finds it diffucult to have a desire to go to work knowing that this is the infested political scene that provides a not pleasant work enviornment, therefore it is go to work, keep your mouth shut for fear of loosing your job, do what is necessary and go home only to repeat the same again and again in order to know that each day one is provided with less and less overall health care and cost more and more thanks to management being concerned about the dollar. Now, I ask where is the justice in that.

  2. Well, at least you have your health. That, and you’re Rich.

  3. No, Richard is Rich. Here in the midwest I would not be Rich, all my earned money goes to pay for limited health care, which I do not use because I strive to keep myself healthy. However if I were to become stricken with an illness the management of insurance companies would determine if an illness qualified for treatment, so one has to hope that if they become ill that it would be covered or else the other option is to “Oh well, just die” or become homeless due to the excessive cost of medical care if the insurance company determines it should not be covered. !

  4. Lance was refering to me… Meaning my name is Rich (thus capitalization).

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