Posted by: Richard Chennault | July 14, 2005

UPDATED — Where do I live?

Work often requires that I attend endless meetings with people I don’t know. Many of these people are vendors and an occasional new  employee. Before the conference goes into full swing people exchange pleasantness and small talk to whittle away the time until the last straggler rushes in and the meeting can begin. The most oft spoke query (besides what is your name) is, “Where do you live?”. I am felt compelled to give more than the simple San Leandro because inevitably that will lead to a cocked eyebrow of furrowed confusion. Instead I respond with, “Just south of Oakland, and you?”. This quick response gives just enough detail for even the most geographically challenged traveler to ease into a wise grin of recognition as if they understood every highway and byway of California. While, “Just south of Oakland” is technically accurate it gives little in detail and really falls short of the true mark. San Leandro is a good enough town as east bay cities go. What makes my little slice of the American dream so grand is location, location, location. So for the intrepid travelers and friends abroad and close who have never been to my home I offer you the following panorama. One from space and one from my bedroom window. Microsoft Virtual Earth Map: My Home Google maps link : My Home More of photos from my bedroom can be found at Flickr

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