Posted by: Richard Chennault | July 12, 2005

Browsing with Opera

My good pal Lance likes the Mozilla and I’ve been a fan of MSIE since Netscape lost the browser wars in 99. After years of being a faithful Microsoft browser bigot I am beginning to change the error of my ways. My first foray into the browser market was not with the descendant of Netscape but instead I chose to test out Opera. I must say that I am impressed by the set of features that go beyond the narrow confines of a browser. Features like; rss feed reader, torrent client, download cache manager and others.

I’m not sure now why I’ve stuck with Microsoft for so long. I guess when you get used to an application you are slow to change even when there are clearly better solutions out there. Perhaps my futzing around with Linux has rekindled that old spark of amenity I’ve had for Microsoft…


  1. MSIE was a nice comfy pair of shoes. Firefox is that uncomfortable but ultrasexy pair of stilletto heels…um, I’ve said too much.

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